The usual first post in a new blog

After setting up a couple of blogs for different reasons, you’d think that this first post would be easier. I don’t think it ever is!

If I’ve sent you a link to this blog then I already know you personally, which means you’re a friend or family. I’m setting this up to keep in better contact with friends and family around the world, particularly now that I am starting to gear up for my emigration next year. It’s not intended to replace emails or IM-ing, but I’ve noticed that it’s much easier to keep up with people if I can check their blogs regularly than trying to hold separate email conversations with twenty or thirty different people every week!

What kind of things will go here?

Well, hopefully the kinds of things you’d know if we could meet at the pub every week. Discussion of what I’m up to, funny stories of things around me, photos of the things that I’m seeing and doing, news on the cats…anything that I think my friends and family would like to know about and possibly a few things you don’t care about at all. If any of you guys open blogs here, let me know so that I can keep an eye on what you’re doing, too.

If you’ve found this blog by surfing around Vox then: hello! I hope my discussion of cats, life in general and coding don’t entirely bore you.

Since writing the above, the blog has moved to WordPress, which makes the odd thing from this post irrelevant but hopefully not all of it.

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