Pub night re-instituted

Last night, I went out to the pub with The Girls for the first time in…well…a very long time. It used to be a weekly tradition, but fell by the wayside more recently as people moved away, acquired jobs with long hours and had health problems.

But it’s back! And as much fun as I remember 🙂 Lots of girly chatter, (non-alcoholic) beverages, hot chocolate and the temptation of the pub’s excellent puddings. Lovely way to spend the evening.

Although I am now rather tired, due to the lateness of our evening.

Thankfully, the Easter bank holiday starts this evening so who cares if I’m shattered today? I’ve got four days to recover!

In the meantime, I’ve been asked to leave my clever code work alone for a day and put together a PowerPoint presentation for Da Boss. Well, it’s a different way to spend the day.

And hopefully something that will allow me to leave early enough to not hit the holiday traffic tonight

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