How to cheer up

The reason that I haven’t posted here for a while or even in my fannish journal (which is usually more frequently updated than anything else) is because I’ve been feeling rather tired and down lately. There’s no real cause, I suspect that things have just been getting on top of me. Full-time job, part-time study and chronic pain can do that to a girl sometimes!

I spent the weekend away, visiting my convention room-mate, PA, and it’s been great. I feel slightly more relaxed and a lot more prepared to face the world again. We chatted about work-related stuff for around five minutes (we’re both in techy jobs) and then didn’t discuss any of that stuff again. We spent Saturday watching videos and chatting about fan stuff and politics. PA introduced me to the Avengers with two very good Emma Peel episodes (I may have to add the Avengers to my Amazon rental list – damn that list is getting insanely long!) and we watched some Doctor Who, too. PA got into Doctor Who with the new series but she’s been dedicatedly watching all the original stuff, so we watched a Fifth Doctor adventure that neither of us had seen yet and discovered that it was surprisingly good.

There was also Chinese take-out and a walk to Wallingford Castle. Lovely.

This morning we slept in and watched an episode of The Last Detective over breakfast before I climbed into the car for the trip home.

The driving was the only bad bit of the trip – torrential rain in both directions! The motorway was seriously scary and introduced me to the new adrenaline sport of motorway aquaplaning! The country roads weren’t much better, with twisty corners and patches of flash flooding. Yay.

However, the weekend has been lovely and in honour of the theme of relaxing and forgetting about work for a while, I’ve just spent some time watching Heroes with Da. I think that in future I need to remember to have occasional weekends like this, even if I don’t go away. Lately even my weekends when I haven’t been doing college work or sorting things out haven’t exactly been veg-out weekends and I seem to need that sometimes. Hmm.

I also popped into the second hand bookshop and picked up some lovely new Chalet School books. You can see the acquisitions by checking the recent entries in my LibraryThing profile, but they are gorgeous old 50s hardbacks and I love them to bits. I’ve got an essay to write (in French) next weekend, but I think that the following weekend will be a books and videos weekend.

In other news, I am playing around with Facebook. Not quite sure what to make of it yet…

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