The cat was the star

The cup of tea with the friend I haven’t seen for thirteen years was a success – phew! We discovered that we’ve got way more in common than either of us expected and I had so much fun 😀

The motorway conspired to ensure that I only got home a few minutes before she arrived so I was still eating when she got here, but J was great and didn’t laugh too much while I scoffed the remainder as fast as possible.

The cat, though, was the star of the evening. Skipper did his best impression of a lovable, sane critter and thought it was wonderful when he got J to stroke and cuddle him all night. I swear he’s getting smarter (admittedly, he didn’t have far to go to *get* smarter) and he’s now learnt the kind of manipulation techniques that Catholic and Jewish mothers excel at.

It was so good to see J again. We’ve exchanged details and we’re planning to have a proper day of catching up in the next couple of weeks. We’ve even exchanged email addresses, making it much more likely that the staying in contact thing will work!

I wish that we hadn’t lost contact all those years ago, but it’s been amazing to see her again.

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