What have I been up to lately?

Mostly, lately, I have been sick and recovering from being sick. Spiced up with lots of work and the six-monthly check-up at the hospital. Woo! I must finish writing the “Hypermoblity and me” page this weekend.

I have also been experimenting with Facebook a little, trying to automate a feed from here and my Flickr account. The good thing about web services like Facebook is that it’s easier to keep in contact with people. The bad thing is that you end up with so many accounts on all of them and you don’t want to have to post something in ten places to ensure everyone has seen it! Hence, I’m happy with Flickr and WordPress but I’m trying to make sure that all my friends who are using Facebook can still get everything. Flick is sorted, but the feed from this blog is proving…interesting.

Even a techie like me struggles with this stuff sometimes.

Today I went to a day school for my Open University French course. It was very useful and I got to practise the format of the oral exam a little. I’m thinking about taking a study break next year so that I can concentrate more on my writing, but I do enjoy OU courses. Maybe I’ll take a little short one, just to keep my hand in!

Tonight we’re having a family meal for Father’s birthday. This means that I will have to record Doctor Who 😦 Drat. It’s the one where Captain Jack finally returns! You can never have too much Captain Jack 😉

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