Death of a star

Skipper, the cat who many of you will know and either love or remember the drool, had to be put to sleep a couple of days ago. The old thing was sixteen and he was in pain, which the vet acknowledged was no longer fair to him and couldn’t be taken away entirely. So we made the decision to let him go to sleep.

Skipper, posing as a smug cat

The house feels oddly empty without him, but I’m sure that we’ll all adjust.

In other news, I had the official report from the consultant which was filled with long words that required Googling. Most of it was as expected, although he added that BJHS is equivalent to Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which should get the attention of any docs who don’t think this is causing much a problem. Plus he wants me to see a podiatrist and notes all the different ways in which I have a marfanoid habitus. Woo. I’m presuming that this is so that, should I develop and heart problems in the future, they can always reclassify me if they need to. Put down on paper it all looks like I should be getting wheeled to my grave, but at least he feels that there are lots of things that can be done to manage and even relieve the problems.

The bit that I’m most enthused about is that he thinks there is genuine damage to my hip. Not normally something to be celebrated, but after two years of being told that there’s nothing wrong it feels like some vindication. He thinks that there is a tear in the cartilage surrounding the hip joint. I’ve Googled it and the symptoms all fit, so I’ll be intrigued about the MRI results. Admittedly, it’s something that can be managed by physio and not repaired (except with surgery that’s rather dangerous for us bendy bods) but just to have a name and an acknowledgement that it’s there feels good.

Er, he also notes that there is a very slight scoliosis. Heh. It would explain why my shoulders are crooked, my legs are slightly different lengths and even why my right shoulder blade sticks out. Not severe enough to do anything about, but nice to know that I’m not crazy.

Well, not about that, anyway 🙂

Tomorrow I have another full week at work and then a bank holiday. Yay! Got tons of stuff to do and some up-coming deadlines. I’ve also got an assistant starting in a couple of weeks, which will be wonderful once I’ve got him trained.

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