A bit of a week

It’s been a bit of a busy week at Casa ArcheryGirl. I’ve spent most of the work time frantically working on two very large projects, one of which is vital for Christmas (and involves significant input from IT offshore) and one that September deadlines that cannot be broken. Unfortunately, the assistant that I was promised would be starting in a week has decided that he doesn’t want to work for us after all – damn! So I now have to start recruiting as well.

Sometimes being apparently ‘indispensable’ and in high demand for coding skills has its backlash.

I had a letter from my local rheumatologist today. He wants to bring my regular appointment forward in light of the report from the specialist in London, so I’m now seeing him on 4th October. I’ll have to talk to my boss about it, but I suspect that I’ll be insisting that I take this one as sick. I’ve already planned out my holiday time for the rest of the year and I really don’t want to have to cancel things. Da Boss won’t be happy, but there’s not much we can do. Even he is finally admitting that my health might be important – to me, at least!

The house still feels oddly empty without Skipper.

This weekend a good friend moves up to Manchester so we’re planning one final pizza and disaster movie night tomorrow. Other than that, I’ve got a ton of college work to get through and I shall be waving my parents off on their holiday to Canada on Monday.

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