I think we’ve got summer

This weekend we appear to be having summer. Hmmm.

As much as I’m usually an advocate of autumn and winter, it is nice to have it sunny out there. The constant rain hasn’t been great even if I’ve been quite cheerful because it’s felt rather autumnal. Provided the temperature doesn’t get too high (i.e. higher than today) it will be quite nice to have summer for a couple of days.

Then we can go right back to autumn, thank you very much 🙂

So far this weekend, I’ve done the shopping, done movies and pizza with a friend and spent a lot of today reading and making birthday cards. I’m now preparing to do some college work and then I shall probably spend the evening reading again.

Unfortunately, I have caught some nasty lurgy that’s making me feel quite ick. As I’m only just getting over a cold, this does feel like a bit of conspiracy from the immune system. Hey, ho, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and all that.

Tomorrow is the bank holiday so after waving my parents off to Canada for a couple of weeks I shall probably spend the day doing college work and, hopefully, writing. If I can find some time for more reading…

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