Rugby nutty

My poor Canadian team did not win against Australia. However, they acquitted themselves well and didn’t lose by as much as I’d feared that they’d lose. So yay.

As for the Wales-Fiji game…edge of the seat doesn’t begin to describe it and the end was completely unexpected.

Between this and the England game last night, it’s been a very good rugby weekend so far. And despite the excitement of the matches, I’ve managed to finish the 47th blanket patch, only two more to knit and then I get to crochet my new blanket together. Yay!

I went into town this morning for a shop of shopping (don’t look quite so shocked, L) and in addition to the nice grey sweater that I bought, I popped into the haberdashers and found the perfect wool for my next project. It’s silvery grey, incredibly soft and very fluffy so it’s going to make a gorgeous scarf. It’s going to be a nightmare to work with, but the end result should be worth it.

My back has flared up a lot over the last two weeks so I may have to talk to my doctor about adjusting my meds. Damn. I’m really trying not to get onto the strong stuff already because I apparently have a life-time of this to look forward to, but I may have to increase my dosage of the anti-inflammatory ones at least. I see my rheumatologist on Thursday so I’ll have a word with him about it, although I think that he’ll have the same response as everyoe does: pain comes with HEDS/BJHS, we just have to learn to manage it.

Being disabled at the age of 28 was not in my life plan *pout*

It’s been busy and hectic at work, but my college course is practically finished so I have my evenings and weekends free again. Just got my oral exam to go and that should be some time within the next week. I’ve been doing a ton of writing this week, which feels great, and will hopefully continue. It feels a little odd to suddenly have so much unstructured free time but I’m sure that I’ll fill it up quickly enough 🙂

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