First step towards an archery return

The emails went out last week to remind everyone that it’s renewal time for membership to the Whiteleaf Bowmen. I let my membership lapse last year because there seemed little point when I was unlikely to shoot for much of the year. I think that I was also a bit of a coward in case I finally found out that I will never shoot again.

I’ve filled out the form, written a cheque and I’ll be rejoining Whiteleaf.

I hadn’t realised just how much I missed shooting until I took out my bow this week. I haven’t touched it since March last year. I didn’t string it, but I slotted the limbs into the handle and hefted it into position a few times. It’s a lot heavier than I remember, although possibly that’s because the last time I used it my muscles had developed quite well. Eighteen months off has undone all the good work that I’d done there. The bow fitted my hand the way I remembered and I’m now really looking forward to re-starting.

I’ll go along to a coaching session first to make sure that I’m doing everything right before attempting a round at a club evening. I have a feeling that I might have to work my way up to shooting a full Portsmouth.

This week I also had a notice from Chiltern Archery that they’re reopening after their fire earlier in the year. They seem to  have taken the opportunity to extend their indoor range so that it’s really big now and they’re having a big opening weekend event. I’m hoping to drag Mum along, even though I won’t be able to shoot at the range until my Whiteleaf membership comes through. They’ve got demonstrations of making your own long-bow. If my hip and back hadn’t gone and I’d followed the plan, I’d been vaguely planning to start long-bow this summer.

I’m thinking that, in addition to club evenings, I might pootle over to Chiltern Archery some weekends to do some extra shooting once I’m all set up. It has the advantage of being fun and strengthening my upper body, which my physio will want to do anyway when I finally get one!

I’ve really missed archery, it turns out.

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