Is this a bad plan after all?

I may be doing something stupid tomorrow.

My company every now and again likes to send us out on a fun afternoon to reward us for our hard work (and bribe us with food). They tend to prefer us to do an activity as well as stuffing our faces and everyone in my team (bar me) is quite active. Or at least able-bodied. So museum trips and tours of ancient castles were definitely not their thing.

My work colleagues eventually settled on clay pigeon shooting as our ‘fun’ activity. I’ve said that I’ll do it and try to join in because, to be honest, it was about the only activity that we could get organised in the time we had that wasn’t absolutely guaranteed to cripple me and the others actually wanted to do. Or so I thought.

Mum and Da sat me down tonight and asked me whether I’m really, really sure that I can do this. They’re concerned that the kick from the gun might not only hurt my back (something that I’d already considered) but also dislocate my shoulder. That one I’d only considered jokingly, but I’m now wondering.

It’s not something that I can easily back out of, though. What I will do is have a word with the instructor before we start and, if he thinks there’s a risk, I’ll just trail along and watch the others do their thing. I can wave pom-poms and shout excitedly if they actually hit the clay thingy. I may also have a word with the girl organising it to make sure they won’t get hit financially if I do have to back out.

I just hate the idea of having to put a dampener on things when there is practically no group activity that I can join in with for these things. Sometimes I worry that I’m always saying “No, I can’t, my back/hip/shoulder/knee” all the time which is the main reason why I’ve agreed to do this. Sometimes, having a wonky body sucks big time.

Still, they’re also feeding me so it’s not all bad!

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