Post-work do

Yesterday was the work ‘fun’ afternoon and it turned out to be much more fun than I’d anticipated. Best part was that, despite spending the afternoon clay pigeon shooting, I neither dislocated my shoulder nor hurt my back (more than it already is). Score!

Plus I actually shot 8 ‘pigeons’. Heh.

The evening do of eating, drinking and more eating was also tremendous fun. For the first time ever, I actually enjoyed a work function.

Today, though, I’m incredibly tired. We’re talking sleepy, dopey, shaky tired. I think that I overdid it yesterday. I went for a walk this morning to clear the cobwebs and ensure that I got some exercise, but I’m very glad that I didn’t have any actual plans this weekend so I can recover from it all. I have a suspicion that this is what the doctors would call the ‘fatigue’ portion of HMS/HEDS. Woo.

So I’m reading history books, browsing Private Eye (very entertaining and though-provoking edition) and eyeing up the Wispa bar that I bought this morning. My first in years. Is it completely sad that I checked every newsagent and mini-market (er, all three) that I encountered on my walk to find that bar? Apparently the newsagent that I found it in had only just received their stocks. It’s only been out for less than a week.

In other news, I need to either edit something or write something yet I’m feeling dopey and can’t concentrate. Woe. So I shall browse around and contemplate a nap before the rugby.

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