Perfect Saturday: long walk and books (plus pub)

Today I had an absolutely lovely day. One of those days that leaves you happy, a bit achey and really pleased with your achievements.

The major achievement was walking four whole, entire miles. The walk even included a bit of uphill walking.

Mum and I have been trying to get out for a good walk or two each weekend (I think we both need to get fit, hence the walking) so this weekend we decided to tackle our longest walk yet: two miles to the local secondhand bookshop. The bookshop was kind of the carrot for the walk, as was the pub next to the bookshop. It’s been one of those autumn days that’s cool but not cold and just a tiny bit damp in the air, perfect walking weather. I had to pop to the doctor’s for my flu shot first and then we set out, managing the two miles in around half an hour. Then we had a nice browse in the bookshop, a drink in the pub and managed the walk home in half an hour despite the the small hills that had to be walked up.

Altogether, we’re feeling very proud of ourselves for managing the walk without calling Da for assistance and it was a great way to spend the morning. I even managed to pick up some new books (a hardback Chalet School book and a couple of Enid Blyton Adventure books), which always makes the trip the bookshop good. This afternoon has been spent knitting, watching some TV and doing some writing. The only slight problem is that I’m hungry now, despite eating a good sized lunch! Still, at least I’m hungry from exercise and I’m less achey than I thought that I’d be. Even my back doesn’t seem to be too unhappy about the entire experience.

After a long, stressful, incredibly exhausting week at work, it feels good to have a relaxing day like this.

I think that we might have a bit of a toddle around tomorrow (although not such a long walk) and I’ll try to get some more writing done. Now I’ve just got to put my new treasures into LibraryThing…

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