Sunday afternoon stuff

I have spent this afternoon inputting 50 books on LibraryThing. Of those, 7 were new purchases in the next week. My book habit is definitely not a good thing 🙂

The rest of the books were from one shelf in my bookcases. Taking that as an average, I’m estimating that I’ve still got around 300 more books to input. Yay? But at least this means that I don’t actually have 1,000 books, which has been a real concern. It’s probably closer to 600 and that sounds a lot less like an obsessive book-geek. Of course, it’s only that low because of space issues and my awareness that at some point I’ve got to transport them all to Canada.

Who wants to bet that it will be closer to 700 by the time I leave? Yup, I didn’t think that anyone would take that bet!

It’s odd to realise how many books are on my shelves that I haven’t read. At some stage, I must have a session of tackling the unread pile to get that number down a bit.

In other news, Mum and I had a lovely walk yesterday afternoon. Beautiful woods and the autumn colours are fantastic this year. The only slight problem was that we got lost. The map we took bears no actual relation to the paths through the wood. We’d intended to walk to the pub, eat some lunch and walk back again. Getting lost took up valuable time so the pub had just (five minutes ago) finished serving food when we got there. Drat! So we had a drink and some crisps, trekked back without getting lost and had a snack lunch at home. Still, it was a beautiful day to be out there and I just wish that I’d though to take my camera. I’m going to try to go out with the camera next weekend to take photos of how beautiful autumn is this year.

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