Archery (again) and fannish things

Last night I went to my first full club night at the archery club since my back flared up eighteen months ago. After tiring so quickly in the coaching evening last week I’d expected not to last out the evening. However, I was encouraged to score my round anyway and I decided that I’d consider it a good night if I lasted through to the tea break.

At the tea break I was surprised to find that I wasn’t exhausted yet so I continued on and actually shot to the end of the round. I am feeling very pleased with myself – that was 60 arrows plus 6 sigher arrows, far more than the 36 arrows I managed a week ago.

Even more happily, my score was fairly respetable. I only had two misses (both of which hit the boss outside the target area – no hitting the wall behind for me!) and I managed four golds. Even before my back went, getting four golds was fairly impressive for me. My final score was 365, not much lower than what I’d been managing previously, so I’m feeling very happy. I just have to build up my strength and stamina so that my arm is steadier when I’m drawing the bow, then my release will be more accurate.

I’m feeling so good about archery now that I know that I can definitely get back into it. I want to get myself to a stage where I can enter a tournament next year because it’s something that I’ve never done.

Speaking of aims for next year…I have set a goal with my walking expeditions. I shall train and get myself stronger with the aim of climbing Snowdon next summer. Quite a challenge, but it feels good to have a goal in mind with what I’m doing.

Mum has even found a physio-pilates course run on a Saturday morning that we’re hoping to join. I’m going to end up fitter than I’ve ever been in my life!

In slightly fannish stuff, I really enjoyed Sarah Jane Adventures this week.

I’m watching the Monday broadcasts on BBC1 rather than watching a week ahead so this week was the first part of Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane Smith? And may I say that I think this was the best episode yet. It set up an absolutely cracking plot with aliens and time travel and potential paradoxes galore. There are some great ideas in there and they’re actually being done really well. I even loved the cliff-hanger (except the part where I have to wait until next week to find out how it all gets resolved!) despite saying two weeks ago that I don’t think Maria’s father should know about aliens and so on.

I am also wildly excited about next week’s Children in Need Doctor Who thingy. I have to remember to record it 🙂

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