It’s nearly Christmas!

In honour of the wonderful S, it’s nearly Christmas!


I have spent the last hour chatting on-line with T, which was terrific fun. I’ve also been fiddling around with Facebook to get this blog interfacing better with it. Importing as Notes always seems like duplicating the work. Admittedly it duplicates the work without me having to do the duplication, but it’s still redundancy. Hopefully what I’ve done will now show up posts and so on in the feed so I can disable the Notes interface. We shall see.

This morning I went out with Mum to buy a Christmas tree. We’ll be decorating it next weekend, but we wanted to get the tree now so that we get a decent one rather than the straggly specimens that are usually all that is left two days before Christmas. The tree will live in a bucket of water in the garden until we put it up next week. It’s just under five foot, good and bushy without being too wide and even has a slightly flatter side which will make it easier to put against the window.

Mum is really looking forward to all the Christmas tree we’ll have in the house when we move to Canada 🙂

Tree buying was followed by a trip to buy new phones because all the cordless phones in the house finally died this week. They’ve been dying for months, but they chose this week to reach the stage of seriously needing replacement. The new ones are pretty swish and we’ve even been able to name them: Hobbiton, Rohan and Rivendell. Um, yes, we are Tolkien fans!

In order to call this day a complete success, I feel the need to do something useful so I shall now wander off and do some writing.

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