I can tell that it’s Christmas…

By 9am this morning, I had already done a full shopping run with Mum to get all the food for Christmas (departure at 6.30am – owch!), had a shower, drunk two cups of coffee and eaten breakfast, run an anti-virus scan on my computer and escaped the temptation of taking a nap. I’m usually barely awake at that stage on a Saturday!

Since then I have slowed down and spent a couple of hours reading about Edward I’s conquest of Wales, drunk tea and chatted with Da about what he’s buying Mum for Christmas. Um, he hasn’t decided yet. Looks like it’s a Christmas Eve trip to London for him again!

I am about to sit down an edit a short Christmas story (no, not for professional publication, sorry) and then try to round up some links for a website. Sadly, this means sitting through some appalling amateur fiction while trying to find the gem amongst the dung. Owch.

Sister is coming home for Christmas today so this afternoon will be mainly spent decorating our Christmas tree. I shall also be whipping up a batch of cup cakes for work. Yes, sadly I have to work on Christmas Eve this year so I am conspiring with a colleague to provide us with a nibbly buffet to keep ourselves amused. Thankfully I’m not back until after New Year, although my director did manage to make me feel guilty and stressed about my break 😦 Damnit, I want to relax! It took me most of the week to feel relaxed when I had my break last month and I’d like to lose some of the tension in my shoulders, not to mention the near-permanent stress headache that I have developed. Sleeping without requiring medication would be nice, too.
We’ll see how that goes.

I had better get to my editing so that I am finished by the time we have lunch. So much to do! So little time! And I must be crazy for working for the country’s biggest retailer during the festive season.

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