Christmas Day at last!

I had an absolutely lovely Christmas Day with the family. Mum cooked an excellent dinner, I had some wonderful pressies (lots of lovely books and a thing called a book chair that will prop my books up when I’m eating!) and we watched Doctor Who with great enjoyment.

Mostly I’m just squeeing very loudly about Voyage of the Damned :-))) It was terrific: part exciting disaster movie and part Doctor Who episode, but they combined the two just right. There were some great characters (loved the two who won tickets to the cruise and the little cyborg) and the sets were amazing. Obviously David Tennant was excellent, but I was surprised to find that I adored Astrid and quite quickly forgot the “ooh, it’s Kylie” feeling and became absorbed in her story.

Yes, I was quite upset to find that they’d killed Astrid 😦

Yes, I do have some theories about where those little atoms have gone because I can’t believe that RTD would give a character the anagram of TARDIS in her name and not intend something with it.

I played a couple of rounds of Scrabble with the family before and after DW, which was great fun, and we actually didn’t watch any films, which was quite unusual for us. I suspect that after a Scrabble rematch and a walk, today will be largely movie day 🙂

The slightly exciting and unusual part to yesterday came during the Christmas morning church service. Part way through some prayers there was a little commotion at the back of the church: someone had apparently fainted. The rector was very good and kept the service rolling while people attended to her and called paramedics. In fact, he only broke the service for a very short moment to find out how she was and then he carried on, including her in our prayers but obviously trying not to worry the children. The paramedics came very quickly and were very quiet and discrete as they took her away (again, not scaring the children) and hopefully they heard the rector saying thank you as they left. I hope that the lady who fainted is alright, that can’t be a good way to spend Christmas 😦

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