Just a little catch-up

This weekend is the weekend of family visiting. Yesterday we went out with Mum’s family to the panto, followed by supper at Wagamamas and then back to their house for coffee, rather a lot of wine and presents. It was so much fun that we ended up staying much later than planned and finally got home in the wee hours of the morning. I’m not in any way regretting it because they are great people to spend time with.

Today we have my father’s family descending on us at any minute. They’re going to be rather exhausting (boisterous nineteen year-old boys are not my thing) but it should be a good day. The weather looks like it should hold well enough for a walk this afternoon, too.

My contribution to today’s little party is a couple of loaves of my famous Cheesy Herb Bread for the buffet supper. I haven’t made it for ages so I thought that today would be a good chance to check that I can still make it reasonably well.

The other plan today is for me to sit down with an A4 piece of paper and write down all the things that I haven’t done but want to do this year. Call it my New Year’s resolutions. It’s things like going on the London Eye, taking tea at Claridges, climbing Snowdon. I want a list to work through this year because there are so many things that I say that I want to do yet never get the time to do and one day I won’t be in England to do them any more.

Hopefully I’ll get most of the way through that list this year 🙂

And now I must depart to play gracious host to the family. I’m actually hungry despite the amount of food I ate yesterday…

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