Bruises and books

Usually I would write a long, in-depth assessment of this week’s rheumatology appointment. The thing is, for the first time I was a good appointment. Dr S. was very pleased that my pain levels are back down to normal, my Arcoxia dose is back to 60mg a day and I’ve even stopped the amitriptyline. All the tests were normal, my blood pressure is back to normal now that I’m in less pain and overall it’s very encouraging. I’m back to see him in May, but he was very happy. I even had a chat to him about getting my medical records for the eventual move to Canada and he said that it wouldn’t be a problem. Woo-hoo!

The thing that I have discovered is that the amitriptyline was stopped my usual headaches and migraines. This was discovered by having a migraine last week and realising that I’d hardly had any headaches since I started taking the stuff. Having stopped it at Christmas, my headaches are back to normal. Ho-hum. At least I know that it’s a possibility if I start having sleep problems again or my headaches get overwhelming.

Life with EDS: surprises around every corner!

Onto the books and bruising. The bruising is due to the bench that I walked into today. I now possess a bruise and big bump on my knee because I somehow entirely failed to see the bench until I collided with it. Ouch! I was in London at Covent Garden station so there wasn’t anywhere convenient to stop and take stock of things because it was so darned busy there. It’s been reminding me of it’s presence wherever I walked and whenever I needed to bend my leg, which was quite a lot today.

The purpose of today’s little London expedition was to visit Foyles and spend the book tokens that my parents, sister and I all received for Christmas. It seemed a shame to give our loot to a big chain store, so we went for the best independent bookshop around and spent several happy hours exploring it followed by cake (vegan chocolate cake for my father – heaven!) in their coffee shop. We were all attempting to buy things that we couldn’t get elsewhere so Mum ended up with a couple of favourite authors and a Charles Dickens that she’d never heard of, Da has some poetry and a travel book, Sis has plays and Oscar Wilde and my purchases can be viewed on LibraryThing.

I love bookshops. Just being surrounded by so much knowledge and imagination is wonderful. There is this feeling that anything is possible between the pages and the books are just waiting for you to pick them up and explore then. Bringing new books home is like bringing home new friends and my fingers are itching to open them and start getting to know them. I deliberately went for books that I haven’t read before and, in fact, only one is by an author that I’ve read before. Tamora Peirce is an excellent children’s author and I haven’t read anything of hers that I’ve disliked. I know Mark Gatiss through his writing for Doctor Who and his reputation so I’m looking forward to finding out what his original fiction is like. It will certainly be different and well-written, so hopefully it will also be something I thoroughly enjoy. I couldn’t resist the sequel to Peter Pan and I’ve got the debut novel from an author I haven’t heard of before but the premise sounded very interesting and the first couple of pages already have me hooked.

Sometimes I wonder whether I wouldn’t be better working in a bookshop or public library than as a programmer. Not just because I love books, but because I love sharing books with people and researching. Maybe one day my dream of opening my own bookshop will because a reality 🙂

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