A little bit of re-organisation and announcement

First, the re-organisation: I’ve been sorting out and adding to the links on this blog. I’ve now separated out the blogs that I read (Blogroll) from the other links to sites I use or love. So there are now links to Girl Dislocated, Siren Voices, Nee Naw and Benefit Scrounging Scum in the blogs section and links to the HMSA, EDS Support Group, Gallifrey One and the Organisation for Transformative Works in the “Useful links section”.

There is also a link to my latest love, the BBC iPlayer. It’s amazing that a few years ago, you had to watch a grainy image 2 inches wide if you wanted to download and watch TV shows and now you can stream near broadcast quality images with barely any lag.  I love technology. I feel the need to start a campaign to allow people outside the UK to use iPlayer (hey, I’d be willing to pay a subscription for it!) so that when I eventually emigrate, I can still watch all my favourite shows.

Like Torchwood 🙂 No longer a my shiny, crappy show, it’s now my shiny, wonderful show. Three episodes in and the quality is still great, the writing is much better than before and they seem to have finally worked out that this show works best when it’s about characters rather than titillation.

Tangent. To return to the original subject:

The announcement! On Monday, I fly to Canada for a week’s holiday. I shall be spending time with family, taking care of a few legal things, eating a ton of food and generally enjoying myself. I shall attempt to blog my holiday regularly and, if I can get access to an SD card reader, maybe put a few piccies up on Flickr. It’s going to be great 🙂

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