I’m packed (I think)

Tomorrow I catch my flight to Canada, which means getting up at silly o’clock because we must be at Heathrow by 8am Or Else. This means that we’re giving ourselves lots and lots of time (90 minutes) to get there because, although it’s usually only a 45 minute drive, we’ve been caught out before and still been on the M25 in stationary traffic when check-in was supposed to have ended. We still got our flight that time, but, y’know, it’s caused some paranoia now.

Expect us to be at Heathrow by around 7.15am tomorrow so that we can spend four hours waiting for our flight instead of the recommended three hours. We know that if we leave ten minutes later, we’ll be hideously late for check-in because all the traffic will snarl up.


I am packed. I think. I always have the option of removing or adding things if I’ve forgotten them. I’ve got half a dozen spare cartridges for my fountain pen. I’m sticking Sensible Man onto a pen drive so that I can work on it if I have a few minutes during the week. The notebook with Sensible Man in is going into my hand-luggage rather than checked luggage because I am paranoid. I also have a plastic baggie with a change of undies and socks Just In Case. Watch the paranoia grow as the departure nears.

Unless something odd happens, I probably won’t post here again until I’m in Canada. Yay! Holiday!

And now I shall go and knit in front of the TV because I haven’t actually finished the scarf that I’m taking with me tomorrow…

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  1. Anne Rogers
    Feb 04, 2008 @ 04:21:44

    EDS, hips, being a 28 yr old female…

    I stumbled across your blog and was struck by how much we have in common.

    I’ve been digging through to see if you got the MRI on your hip yet. I dislocated my hip 2.5 years ago, then again 1.5 years ago. It wasn’t until 9 months ago I finally got an MRI and that was after seeing multiple rheumatologists, a completely disaterous orthapod and finally a physiotherapist saying I think you have a labral tear, you need to get an MRI. In turned out I had labral tear and some bone issues on both the femur and socket, I eventually opted for surgery, which was 3 months ago, I’m not fully recovered, but the pain in my hip is different and much more tolerable, I used to suffer major muscle spasms in the thigh and all the internal bits the other side, which has gone, to be replaced by a deep ache only after certain activities.

    Unfortunately my interactions with anyone who claims to be a specialist in pain management have been a bit disasterous, which could be a timing thing, I met with them before being anywhere near diagnosing all my injuries (having had an acute incident). I remain a bit cynical about them.

    To my surprise, I find myself having to deal with presumably EDS related heart stuff, gradually in the last 6 months vague symptoms that Prof Grahame had said were EDS but didn’t need further investigation turned into being something that had to be checked further.

    In a previous life I was a techie, but that’s been on rather a back burner for a while. I did live in Cambridge, UK, but have lived in Seattle for the past 16 months.

    It would be lovely to hear from you.


  2. archerygirl
    Feb 05, 2008 @ 14:17:33

    The results of my MRI, as usual, were negative. Pain but no labral tear and no good reason for the pain 😦 Oh, well, back to the drawing board.

    We do have a lot in common!

    I haven’t seen anyone yet who is a specialist in pain. My local docs all feel that it would be pointless (more suitable for those who aren’t coping and they feel that I am coping pretty well) so I’m muddling along with the stuff they give me. I’m gradually working out what’s going to trigger a huge problem, what’s fine and how to treat myself when I do end up in more pain than normal. I assume that’s what those “specialists” would be attempting to teach me anyway so I feel like my local docs are probably right.

    I’ve learned how to balance my pain levels against what I need to do, make a decision about what I’m willing to put up with and weigh up the potential benefits to things that I do. It means that I’m not seeing the point in vacuuming every day when I know that that really hurts (once a week does me fine) but I’m willing to completely wreck myself for something that I’ll genuinely enjoy. If that’s “pain interfering with normal activities” then so be it – how is a pain specialist going to stop vacuuming or crouching or reaching from hurting anyway?

    I had docs implying that it was in my head for years before one checked my history, spotted the “loose ligaments” diagnosis as a child and started me on the road to the EDS diagnosis. It’s made me a little wary of docs because it hurts inside when someone is trying to hint that everything is in your head when you know that it isn’t. Thankfully I’ve had some great docs, I’ve seen Prof G so I now have the EDS thing in my notes (my local rheumy, lovely as he is, still insists on saying that I’m just a little bit bendy!) and although I keep getting surprised by new stuff, I know what’s happening to me know.

    I’d like to keep in touch because it sounds like we have a surprising amount in common.


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