Arrived safely

Well, I arrived safely yesterday and all is good. Forecast of a bit of snow today, which is obviously why the men have just arrived to install new windows in my aunt’s house…


Still, looking forward to snow. I’m going out to the store to buy some wellies shortly 🙂

I had the coolest, whizziest plane ever. There were little TVs set into the backs of all the chairs with touchscreens so that you could select which movie or TV show you wanted to watch. Made the journey that bit faster when combined with doing crosswords from a daft puzzle book. Mum and I had frequent “That word does not mean what you think it means!” moments when we looked at the solutions.

It’s much easier to relax and forget about work when work is 3000 miles away. Mum and I need to sit down and plan out what we’re going to do (well, Mum feels the need) and otherwise we’re just taking everything as it comes. Yay for holidays!

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