Mmm, seafood

The forecast today was for snow all day so we decided to go over to the city tomorrow. Er, no sign of a single flake so far! Heh.

So it’s been a quiet day. We went out to the store this morning and spotted that scallops were on for a very good price. Tomorrow we’re having a scallop feast 🙂 This is one of the things that friends in England will find hard to believe: the price of seafood. At the moment lobster is $9.99 per lb (around £4.50 per lb). The company that I work for has them on sale at £13. Owch! Scallops are also much more affordable and the quality is much higher than what I’d get in England. It’s partially because we’re right on the coast, but it makes that kind of thing less of a super expensive, once a year treat and more of a rather nice, once a month sort of treat.

This afternoon we went down to Fisherman’s Cove. Most of the little craft stores down there are closed for the season, but my mum’s friend’s store was open so Mum visited with her and another friend for a while. I took my camera and took some photos of the cove under snow. It’s beautiful out there, the kind of amazing, dramatic landscape that takes your breath away each time you see it.

I also have photos of Mum next to a snow bank as tall as she is 🙂

The window guys were back today and put in the second window. This time it was a window that fitted – it’s amazing how much faster it is to put in a window that’s actually the right size! And the new window looks really great so my aunt is very pleased. We’ve made a note and we won’t be using the guy who got the contract for this job if we need any construction work *sigh* The younger fellow who is doing the actual work would be worth hanging onto because he’s very good when he’s the one calling the shots.

Tomorrow, hopefully, we’ll be going over to the city and then eating scallops. Saturday we’re hoping that my cousin can come over to visit, which will be great because I haven’t seen him for nearly ten years. At the moment the forecast on Sunday looks terrible so we may be having another quiet day. And on Monday I’m hoping that we can go to one of my favourite places for lunch. John’s Lunch does the best fried seafood around and I’m afraid that I’ll be subjecting friends to it if they come to visit 🙂

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