City stuff and the on-going saga of house repairs

Today we decided to believe the weather reports of no snow and we went over to the city. There were a few very light snow flurries but otherwise the weather report wasn’t too far off! We were mostly just doing a few bits and pieces of business and having a bit of a wander. We left earlier than we usually do to visit the city so we were finished with everything we had to do well before lunch. Darn! No sushi for us today 😦

To get to the city, we usually take the ferry over (it’s much prettier than the bus journey) and I usually stand on the top deck for the view. Of course, I’m not usually here in the winter! So today we sat indoors and I was impressed by the good heating in there. I still got some photos from the windows and it was great fun.

After we got back we did a few bits and pieces, looking at furniture and appliances and checking out the situation at the library. It should be fairly easy to get membership: yay for books! It was around 2pm when we got to the superstore to pick up a few bits and pieces (such as coffee) so Mum and I stopped for a sandwich before finishing off.

And it’s a good thing we did! When we got back to the house, we discovered that the men were back to finish sorting out the window and put in the new front door. Sounds simple? Um, no.

You see, doors need to fit properly. The contractor had a new door except this one is two small! And he also didn’t see why he should put in handles and deadbolts and stuff. You know, the important stuff *sigh* The young guys dutifully put the door in and have now gone with a copy of the contract to attempt to force the contractor to replace it with a door that fits. They’ve packed in insulation and so on, but the fit means that the door can’t be trimmed and finished. They’ve also bought us a handle and lock so that we can lock the door and sleep safely tonight.

The other important thing that was missing was the caulking to finish off the windows. The contractor supplied them with the cheapest he could find, which was actually stuff for outdoors. The fumes were thoroughly disgusting even though they only put on a small bead before discovering what they’d been given. Thankfully the fumes have finally dispersed so our headaches are going.

So several hours of work and still it’s not finished. But the young guys are taking a copy of the contract to the contractor so that he can see what he’s supposed to deliver. Like doors that fit, trim and locks. The locks are really, really important to us 🙂

The living room is at least livable thanks to the young guys and we’re about to start cooking supper. It’s a scallop feast tonight and most people who know me will know just how much I’m going to enjoy that 😀

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