And I was looking forward to my lie-in, too

For the curious, yes the contractors are back. It is now day six in the on-going saga of fitting two new windows and a new door to my aunt’s house and we haven’t been contractor-less at all. And they’ll be back tomorrow.

In told, there won’t have been a day of my holiday when we were without contractors in the house. Aaargh!

The good news is that the doors and windows are finally in the house (the door had to be removed and re-fitted today because it had been put in wonky on Friday) and there is even trim around them. The contractor finally gave in and supplied locks for the door and, after the door was removed and re-fitted today, they were able to put the storm door back on so that won’t have to be replaced. Hooray! With any luck, tomorrow really will be the final day.

I definitely know who I’m not getting to do work in on our house out here!

Yesterday I drove in Canada for the first time. We just pootled around near our house and up and down the shore road a couple of times, but I’m feeling very proud of myself for doing it. The driving on the other side of the road thing wasn’t too hard to get use to: it was the handbrake being on the other side that totally foxed me! I now feel much more confident that I’ll be driving without problems over here when I move.

We also got rough quotes for some flooring we want in the house (the master bedroom needs re-flooring due to damage from our tenants) so we know how much to budget for it. A couple of doors down from the flooring place there is a huge fabric store so I let Mum have a little wander. She was in seventh heaven! I have to admit that I’ve never seen such a huge range of fabric in one store so I could almost understand it. There was also a ton of craft stuff, but sadly no wool so I will still have to hunt down a good knitting shop when I move.

In the evening we went out to supper at John’s Lunch. Yummy πŸ™‚ We lied through our teeth and told my aunt’s housemate that we had gone to visit a cousin of mine who always takes us to veggie places. The housemate didn’t even try to hint that we should take her πŸ™‚ Tomorrow we are omitting the truth and taking my aunt to lunch at a good steak house. We have to do a few bits and pieces, buy some bits to bring home and drop off the rental car, so we’ll just ‘forget’ to mention that we’re also dining out πŸ™‚

Sadly tomorrow is our last day 😦 We’re having a quiet day today (although we still had to be up bright and early for the contractors) and we fly out late tomorrow night. Damn! But it doesn’t feel quite as bad as usual because I know that it will only be a few months until I’m back for good. That definitely helps. I just don’t want to go back to work! Thankfully I’m still off until Thursday so it’s not going to be too bad.

And Orbital is only a little over a month away πŸ™‚

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