Last day blues

Today is the last day of my holiday. I fly out tonight and this part of the holiday always makes me sad. Mum and I are kind of half-heartedly thinking about packing, but we’ll get onto it properly this afternoon. We had a leisurely breakfast because the contractors weren’t due to arrive until 10am and this time they actually managed not to turn up early. So that was nice.

In a little while we will wander out to do a few bits, get some lunch and return the car to the rental place. We’re getting a limousine to take us to the airport tonight. It sounds way more indulgent than it actually is! Limos tend to be cheaper than cabs for this kind of trip with loads of space for cases and my aunt has a great firm that she is registered with. They’re even going to keep an eye on our flight and let us know if it gets canceled or delayed.

There isn’t much chance that our flight will be canceled (more’s the pity!) but it’s good to know that they’re keeping an eye on it.

The weather today is amazing. We had a heavy snowfall yesterday evening and it was looking beautiful when I went to bed. The wind picked up overnight and now I’m seeing my first real drifting snow. It’s not actually snowing, but the wind is strong enough to catch up the top layer of snow and blow it around. It looks like white smoke swirling and eddying around. You can see little snow devils forming, almost like tornadoes in miniature that are barely six inches high. The wind catches the snow and sends it way up into the air and then piles it up against any tiny imperfection in the ground. Instead of being the flat white snow that I’ve been used to all week, it now looks like white sand dunes out there. I can even see the sharp ridges you see on dunes, except they’re white and they sparkle like diamonds when the sun hits them.

It’s absolutely beautiful out there.

I know that I’ll probably feel differently when I’ve had three months of this, but I’m actually looking forward to my first winter out here. The photographic opportunities are going to be amazing.

I may post again before we leave for the airport, but if I don’t then I’ll speak to everyone tomorrow when I’m back in England.

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