Safely arrived

It wasn’t one of the greatest flights ever, but I’ve arrived at last!

We were forty-five minutes late leaving Canada (the runway needed ploughing and the aeroplane needed de-icing) and although we made up the time during the flight, we then circled Heathrow for ninety minutes. Hooray! There is always this point in coming back where I’ve said good-bye to Canada, I’m done and all I want to do is get home without the long journey in the middle. Circling does not help with that 😦

So I’m very tired but I’ve arrived too late to get away with a nap. Mum and I are toughing it out to an early bed time. We’re also washing every item of clothing we took with us due to smoke smell. Yuck.

But we’re here. And safe. And hungry. Gonna get some toast and then do a shopping run because, um, toast is pretty much all that’s edible here 🙂 Poor Da.

Can I go back yet?

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