Gu-ey desserts (and knitting)

Every now and again, I find a good reason to go to work. Today it was Gu chocolate puds and they were giving away hot chocolate soufflés. I have been eyeing these up in stores for months, not quite able to justify the expense even though they’re apparently divine, so that was a very nice welcome back present!

They’re sitting in my fridge waiting for me to eat. Looking forward to them so much 🙂

In slightly frustrating news, I have done the ribbing on the back of the baby jacket and knitted the first row of the pattern. Twice. I am about to make a third attempt on getting the dratted thing right. Sadly I was so absorbed with un-knitting and re-knitting last night that I didn’t pay any attention to the episode of Torchwood (Meat) that I was attempting to catch up with. So I shall have to re-watch to figure out what the heck happened and write a review.

Note for the future: do not attempt to knit the first row of a new pattern while watching TV that you care about. The two just don’t mix.

Still, if I get this attempt right then I’ll have a lovely pud as my reward 🙂

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