Hazmat suits and chocolate required

So in addition to the colleague who has been sick since Monday and the two colleagues on holiday, another colleague is now sick. It appears to be a different virus from the flu that the other colleague has, but I’m starting to think that we need Hazmat suits to work here. They’re dropping like flies!
As my department consists of seven people plus Da Boss, we’re starting to look a little thin on the ground and feel rather stretched. Even more excitingly, another colleague is on holiday tomorrow. If the two sick folks don’t make it in, then tomorrow there will be exactly two people to do the work of seven.
All donations of cookies, chocolate and strong coffee gratefully received until I catch whichever bug is going around and have to go on a milk and broth diet, too.
The good news is that I have discovered that finance are plonkers. As I’d just been having the debate with Da Boss and he’d insisted that finance would know what they are doing about a certain issue, I’m feeling very smug now.

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