Ravelry and bookshops, oh my!

I received my Ravelry invite last night and couldn’t resist staying up an hour later than planned to set things up. I am apparently turning into a knitting geek 🙂 But I can be found here and I’ve already joined a scary number of groups and input a couple of the projects that I’ve worked on. I really need to take some photos of my blankets, though…

This afternoon I plan to watch rugby and knit so I anticipate having the back of the baby jacket completed. I may even start a front panel, depending on how absorbing the matches are.

This morning has been a really good Saturday morning. Despite grey, heavy, lurky skies, Mum and I went out for a walk to the local second hand bookshop. It felt good to be out walking after several weeks of either not being able to get out due to weather or being too busy to get out. It’s a four mile round trip but I still feel really good. Obviously my stamina is starting to improve! I’ve just got to double that distance and get some hill walking practise and I’ll be ready to tackle Snowdon 🙂

I hadn’t actually planned on buying any books because I never do. I was going to be good and virtuous. I wasn’t even going to stop for snacks or anything.


Six books (one Mallory Towers and five St Clare’s) plus one second breakfast/brunch later…

I have absolutely no willpower *sigh*

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