Saturday walks and small accidents

This entry is being typed very slowly and painfully due to the accident references in the title. It’s called “AG had an idiot moment”. I was cooking myself some lunch and took the spring rolls out of the oven. They slid a bit when I put them down so I used my oven-mitted hand to push them back to be where they should me.

I completely forgot why I needed oven mitts, though, and rested the tips of my left fingers on the pan. Without oven-mitts. Um, ow. So I’ve got nice burns on the tips of three fingers on my left hand. So impressed with myself – not! They’re surprisingly painful…

This morning I popped into town to sort out my mum’s birthday and Mother’s Day. I needed to do it today and usually I drive down because it’s over three miles with a steep hill downwards at the end. Last night it occurred to me that it would be a good challenge to attempt to walk it. I’ve never done it before, but it’s no further than the bookshop and back were last weekend. I could walk it and get the bus back.

Being fearful of the embarrassment of attempting and failing, I didn’t actually tell anyone what I was planning when I left this morning. My car still being in the drive might have given me away but apparently nobody spotted it.

So I ate breakfast, popped some bits in my backpack, put on my walking trainers and grabbed my iPod. Oddly, it was the first mile and the last half mile that were the hardest. I guess at the start I was worried that I wouldn’t manage it and at the end my hip complained about the downhill thing.

I did it, though.

I’m actually feeling quite pleased with myself for doing it because it was one of those milestones that I never thought I’d achieve. The next big thing will be to walk there and then walk part of the way back, but just doing this feels really good.

Usually I just walk with no accompaniment but this time I thought that it might be a good idea to have something to distract myself as I walked. So I put on the iPod and listed to a Pottercast (one of the ones with a JK Rowling interview from the end of last year, in fact, because I’m quite far behind) throughout the walk. It really helped to keep me distracted and the walk seemed to fly by, so that’s definitely the technique next time!

The reason why I was cooking lunch on a Saturday is that we’re going to the cinema tonight to see <i>Juno</i>. So by the end of today this will have been a terrific Saturday despite my minor burns!

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