Ow Ow Ow

Every now and again, a bone in my neck likes to shift in the night and trap a nerve. It’s been happening since I was a kid. Guess what happened last night? Grrr.

Most frustratingly, this is the third time in six months that it’s happened. It usually only happens every couple of years! Stupid neck

The end result is that moving my head is incredibly painful and even just holding my head upright isn’t exactly comfortable. The usual headache is lurking at the back of my head and driving was less than fun. I made it to work, though, and stayed all day which was more than I thought I’d manage this morning. Heat packs are my friend now that I’m home. Hopefully my neck will be back to normal tomorrow because my team is having a “while the boss is away” pub lunch and I really don’t want to miss that.

I have Torchwood thoughts, but I’m not really in a thinky place right now. I’m going to stare mindlessly at a spreadsheet for a while and think about getting some tea.

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