Still ow and unravelling as well

My neck is still misbehaving. In fact, it’s as bad as it was yesterday. Usually it clears up after a day of pain and annoyance, but this time it seems to be settling in. Grr. I’ve promised that if it’s still a problem on Monday then I will be going to the doctor to make sure that I haven’t done anything dafter than normal.

Most embarassingly, I am having to drink with a straw. There was an incident yesterday when I couldn’t quite get my head to the right angle to get anything out of the glass I was drinking from. So I got stubborn and shifted angles…and ended up at the perfect angle to get a little bit of water but not quite the right angle to get it down my throat and instead it ended up in lungs. Cue massive choking fit, my throat closing up in reaction so that I made terrifying noises every time I attempted to breathe in and my colleagues looking terrified as they wondered what the appropriate measures are for choking. I managed to eventually get my lungs back under control, but strained a muscle from the coughing fit.

So, straws today. And no coffee or tea because they really don’t work that well through straws.

Last night, I hit a slight technical hitch with the baby jacket that I’m knitting. It was all going swimingly and I was on the last row before casting off the right front panel, except I discovered that I didn’t have quite the right number of stitches. In fact, there were two extra. I have already finished the left front and Mum reassured me that the jacket would look wonky if the stitch count had gone wrong. That was when I spotted the step in the pattern that I’d missed where I decreased two stitches. Sadly, it was 17 rows ago. I had a long debate but eventually gave in and unravelled. Yup, 17 rows of unravelling. But I managed to pick up all the stitches again! Now I just have to re-knit, this time including the step to decrease two stitches. And I’d been looking forward to starting the sleeves tonight.

Note for the future: never take your eye off the pattern instructions.

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