Is it time to go home yet?

Today is shaping up to be a bad day of monumental proportions. I arrived bright and early to get a head start on my work and hopefully leave early. Um, yeah, right. There was an email sitting in my inbox when I arrived to say that there were problems with the overnight processing so there are no figures for yesterday in our data warehouse.

Guess what all my automated morning reports tell people?

So I have now recalled a bunch of reports and sent out apologies. The IT guys estimate that the data will be there “by 3pm”, which is company speak for “not in your lifetime probably”. Yay.

We are also getting intermittant “Disk is full” errors when saving to the shared drive. Sometimes days can go by without it happening. Then you’ll try to save, the error will happen and you’ll have to wait 30 seconds before trying again at which point it usually saves. The record today so far is 20 minutes wait. It’s going to be a very slow day, what with missing data, slow data warehouse while they try to load the missing data and now network problems making even saving stuff a chore. So, as the subject says, is it time to go home yet?

The parents are out for a meal tonight and we have a visiting catering company doing lunch at the canteen today who are apparently Very Good. They do Indian food and it tastes just as good as it smells, according to the rave reviews last Wednesday. So I am doing a rare thing and eating in the canteen today rather than bringing in sandwiches. I may buy myself some really evil ice-cream on the way home to eat while veging out in front of the TV. It’s turning into that kind of day.

I’m feeling much better than I was yesterday afternoon and hopefully I won’t be crashing again like that, despite the nastiness of today. And last night I finished knitting the first patch on my sister’s blanket, so she now has 1/63rd of a blanket. Yay!

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