Live from Oribital

Well, I am currently in the unusual situation of having no panel or workshop for an hour and being at a con hotel that has an Internet lounge (albeit with a computer that has a bit of a space bar issue and this workwoman is definitely blaming her tools for her typos) so I am writing a quick entry to let folks know how it’s going.

Fabulously is probably the best quick summary 🙂

Most recently, I have spent an hour and a half listening to Neil Gaiman speak and read. He started out with a very funny short story called Orange, which is definitely worth hunting out, and finished with a reading of the opening pages of The Graveyard Book, which I will have to buy when it comes out. This was straight after a panel on politics in young adult fiction (Cory Doctorow and Amanda Hemingway to name two people that I already read and enjoy and China Mielville to name another that I now need to seek out) and this morning’s panel on the future of fiction and the Web.

Da, you would have enjoyed all of those so much. You will come to one of these things with me one day. And you definitely need to jump if you see Neil Gaiman talking anywhere, ever, even if I’m not going to be around to force you.

I was on one panel yesterday, What does Ashes to Ashes tell us about Life on Mars, which ended up going much better than I expected with a much bigger audience and I actually made coherent points. As expected, my fellow panelists said “Oh, of course I know you!” when we found each other in the Green Room and I explained about the con using my real life name rather than my fan name on the programme! There are so many article ideas for my blogs fermenting in my head inspired by panels. I might get through them all over the next year. Possibly.

There are another half dozen panels that I want to attend before I leave tomorrow and tonight is also the second panel on which I am a guest, opposite Paul Cornell. Kind of intimidating, although less so now that I’ve seen him in other panels and kind of at nodding stage when passing in hallways. Still, I have to be intelligent about Doctor Who at 11pm tonight. Not going to be easy.

And now the space bar is driving me insane enough that I shall sign off and find a book to read until it is time for Fan History: Why Bother? Who says fans don’t know how to have fun?

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