Babbly stuff

Yesterday I had to work and it was nasty. Today, thankfully, I have another day off. I am supposed to be going to the hospital this afternoon and I am currently looking out of the window and really wishing that I could just stay home. Blergh.

However, I have to go out because I need wrapping paper! I want gender-neutral new baby paper because the baby has yet to be birthed, but there probably won’t be such a thing so I’ll be settling for some reasonably neutral unpatterned coloured paper. Hmph.

The cardigan that I have been knitting for my hairdresser’s baby is almost done. I’ve just got to sew up the side scenes and add some buttons. This project has taught me that I hate making buttonholes only marginally more than I hate using circular needles, although most of the project has been fun. My sewing skills are rather…er…non-existent, so I’m being very careful and sewing very slowly. Seems to be looking OK so far. I will attempt to post pictures tomorrow.

And now I should eat something before I traipse up to the hospital. The good news is that it’s at least six weeks before I have to go back after this appointment!

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