Calling all 80s fans (and hospital stuff)

I arrived in town with rather a lot of time to spare before my hospital appointment so I decided to have a bit of a browse in the new shopping centre while I waited. I hadn’t called in at HMV yet so I wandered in and what do you think was the first thing I saw?

A big stack of Mysterious Cities of Gold DVDs!

Yes, that’s right, the best cartoon of the 80s is finally out to buy, in English, on DVD. Guess what I’ll be saving up for now? *g*

Some people may remember that casts of my feet were made in December so that the podiatrist could fit me for orthotics. The general ideas is that because of the EDS/HMS, my feet are ridiculously flat and roll inwards. The rolling is particularly bad on my right foot, which feels very silly because the usual cause of sprained/dislocated ankles on me is my feel rolling outwards. Still, my body is nothing if not illogical. I suspect that I over compensate for the rolling inwards by trying to walk on the sides of my feet. Silly me.

There is no hope at my age of forcing my feet to hold a more natural position without help, which is where the orthotics come in. These are kind of like insoles that go from my heel to a little before the ball of my foot and should hold my foot in a less flat position. This in turn should mean that the muscles in my legs don’t have to work so hard to keep me walking relatively normally and so relieve some of the joint and muscle pain in my legs.

I have to gradually build up the time that I wear these things every day to avoid over-straining everything. After an hour in them today, I can see the reasoning in that! The podiatrist has put in a tiny bit of a heel-rise because she thinks it will give my knees extra stability and stop the left knee flicking backwards all the time. Coincidentally, my feeling lately has been that a lot of the pain in my left knee is from the effort the muscles have to make to hold that knee in place and stable so I’m quite glad that the podiatrist didn’t need prompting to try that.

It won’t be an immediate wonder-fix, but we should have a good idea after a month about whether these things are going to work and the pain in my hips, knees and back should start easing a little. At least I should be able to stand for longer without pain, anyway.

Usually the podiatrist would wait 6 to 8 weeks before checking up on me, but due to the extremeness of my condition (heh) she’s booked an appointment for 2nd May. She wants to see how I’m handling them and make any adjustments to them sooner rather than later.

I have an appointment with the rheumy at the end of May as well, so my boss is going to really love me. Poor boss.

I’ve just re-read the end of my last post. I really jinxed myself with that “no more hospitals for at least six weeks” thing, didn’t I?

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