Proud boasting plus casting on a new project

When my sister was at secondary school, there was a kid a couple of years above her who was often the lead in the school plays. I’m told that he knew he was good and sometimes could be a little obnoxious because of it but he was a pretty decent kid most of the time. I can still remember being in absolute stitches in at one of those school plays because this kid had such great delivery and comic timing. He was also a pretty decent musician and singer, always a help in school productions where they insist on doing musical numbers. So any arrogance wasn’t without cause because he probably was as good as he thought he was.

To see that kid, now a rather famous actor/writer called James Corden, pick up two BAFTAs last night was just brilliant. I had no idea that he’d been nominated untill I watched the cermony (I love film and TV awards shows) and there was quite a loud squeal when his name was called out as Best Comedy Actor. To see his show, Gavin and Stacey, pick up the audience award as well was wonderful because he’s been honoured for his writing as well as his acting.

Now I have to borrow G&S from Amazon, I can tell.

In other news, I am out at a concert tonight and The Minion has actually finished his big job of the day already, so it looks like I’m on track to leave at 4pm tonight. What happened?

In knitting news, after two hours of glaring in frustration I gave in and consulted where I found a nice video of How To Knit In The Round. And I now have the first four rows of my new knittens all done. My original attempts were somehow ending up with the cables on the inside, which I felt was distinctly wrong. It was definitely more difficult to start that I thought it would be, aided by Mum confessing that actually she had forgotten how to do it so couldn’t show me, but I feel triumphant at being past that nasty little sticky point. Hopefully I’ll be trouble-free now until I need to do thumb holes.

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