Weekend doings

Sometimes you have weekends where you get to the end not knowing what you’ve done with the time and not feeling like you’ve actually accomplished anything. Then there are other weekends where, even though you didn’t acheive anything particularly practical, you did what you set out to do and feel much better for it. This past weekend was one of the second type.

Last week I was exhausted. I’m talking head spinning, brain foggy, dangerous driving type exhaustion that only seemed to get worse as the week went on. So I decided that this weekend I needed to relax, recharge and rest because I really can’t handle that level of exhaustion for long.

Friday night I turned off my alarm and vowed to sleep until I woke up naturally. It turns out that, rather than being wide awake at 8am as I have been the last two weekends when I have tried this, I didn’t surface until 11am. I’m trying not to feel guilty about that 🙂 I popped down to the town with Mum for some chores and to buy some bread, which turned out to be an excellent plan because the bread we bought for lunch was amazing. After lunch, I pursuaded Mum and Da to walk with me to the second hand bookshop. It’s a four mile round trip and usually I end the walk feeling as though I could have easily done another two miles, but the lack of exercise in recent weeks made itself apparent and I was shattered by the time we got back.

I didn’t really care, though, because the bookshop yielded a rather fine horde of five Trebizon books! These are apparently rarer than gold dust and the books all have the same name written in the front cover, so I obviously turned up at just the right time to benefit from someone’s clear out. I also picked up the only Malory Towers that I didn’t yet own plus the first Naughtiest Girl book after seeing it referred to on the Girls Own list. Mum and Da each found a few things that they wanted and we took a break in the pub (cider for Mum and I, London Pride for Da) before walking back. Then we decided that we didn’t have the energy to be creative and ordered in pizza to watch with Doctor Who.

The weather on Saturday was glorious and it promised to be nasty yesterday as a contrast, but then it cleared up beautifully in the afternoon. I had been considering going to archery yesterday morning but couldn’t wake up, and in view of the thunderstorm that hit just at the time when everyone would have been out on the field shooting I think I made the right choice. In the afternoon we decided to take advantage of the fine weather and went for another walk, this time a couple of miles through the woods to see the bluebells. They were absolutely beautiful and I took a ton of photos. When I got home I spent some time cataloguing some books (finished an entire shelf in an hour), worked a little on Sensible Man and then joined the parents in front of the TV (Miss Austen Regrets) for the evening.

In summary, most of this weekend was spent walking outdoors and I know that I feel better for it, even if my hips and knees are a little stiff. I suspect that the stiffness is a sign that I shouldn’t have been so lazy over the last month! There was also book geekage and plenty of relaxation so the time was definitely well-spent.

This morning I’m feeling tired and dopey (as always) but I’m determined to get some early nights this week and not end up quite so shattered as I was last week. I’ve got to at least try to be sensible this week!

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