Another trip to the foot people for me, then

Today I had another hospital appointment, the follow-up to my fitting for orthotics at the end of April. I took the casts they’ve made for my feet (very heavy!) and toted them down to the hospital.

I got there fairly early because I always over estimate how long it will take me to get from the car park across town to the hospital. So I sat in the waiting room and read.

And I read some more.

And then I read some more.

And then they stopped calling people in, but I read some more because hey, they hadn’t called me.

After an hour, I popped my head round the corner, spotted my podiatrist doing some paperwork and asked whether they were ready for me. She had kind of forgotten that she hadn’t seen me, so it’s a good thing I asked or she would have gone home and left me waiting in the room all night! This is why I do not love hospitals.

Apart from that, the appointment went fairly smoothly. I had the foot casts with me so the podiatrist was able to check them, check how my feet were flattening out with the orthotics and conclude that she needed to keep the casts for a while and make some new orthotics. My current ones aren’t holding my feet in the correct position yet – the technician who made them erred on the side of caution when she was sorting out the arches and didn’t make them high enough. She also wants to put a little bit more of a raise in the heels to stabilise my knees better.

I was able to report that, although the pain is no worse, it’s no better than it was either. Hence the revisions to the orthotics. But I’m allowed to continue using the current ones until the new ones have been made because they’re better than nothing. I’m so lucky!

While I was there, I also mentioned something that Mum noticed a couple of weeks ago. Apparently my big toes aren’t supposed to curve gracefully towards the other toes and the large joint at the base isn’t supposed to be quite so, ah, large. I don’t tend to look at other people’s feet much so I hadn’t noticed that my feet were looking a bit odd. Silly me.

The podiatrist confirmed that I am on my way to developing bunions on both feet. Hooray. It’s a result of the instability of in my feet and she hopes that the improved orthotics will stabilise my feet and arrest the deviation of my big toes. She doesn’t feel that there is anything else that she can do. Although I do get some pain and stiffness in that joint at times (something I always forget when asked about foot pain – d’oh!), I can’t say that I’ve noticed inflammation or skin irritation on the developing bumps so that’s good from what I’ve read on teh Interwebs.

Oh, and I should definitely not wear poorly fitting or pointy shoes. As I’ve never in my life worn either, that shouldn’t be a problem!

So in summary, my hypermbility/EDS is causing my feet to turn into deformed ugly specimens and I need new orthotics, but I don’t have to pay for the second pair of orthotics so that’s OK 🙂

After the appointment, I decided to pop into the restaurant in the new House of Fraser for tea and cake. It’s the closest thing we have to a nice tea/cake shop now that Patisserie Valerie is definitely not coming to town and I’m starting like tea shops much more than coffee shops. Ironic when you consider that I’ll be moving to a country that hasn’t even heard of tea shops! Maybe that should be my new career?

On the way, I popped into HMV for a bit of a browse and found that they were selling a box-set of Jane Austen films for a silly price and I couldn’t resist. Three JA films for a third of their original price? Six hours of romantic classics? Including Mansfield Park, which I have never yet got past page 100 of but have been assured is much better on screen? I couldn’t resist!

And then there was lemon meringue pie and a nice pot of tea while I read Summer Term at Trebizon which (almost) entirely made up for the trauma of the clinic so all is now right with the world.

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