Grouchy body rant

Dear Body,

This is just not on. I have things to do today. You were fine when I woke up, so why did you decide to do the trapped nerve in the neck thing with no warning? You usually have the courtesy to do this in the night so that I know I’ll need to revise my day’s plans when I get up. Doing this when I’m just standing brushing my teeth? So not on.

Now, I know you did it on Wednesday as well, but at least you were willing to undo the damage and clunk back into place when I moved *just so*. I have repeated that action – why is the bone not in place yet?

Now I have to get someone to drive me over to the archery shop rather than taking myself because I can’t move my head without severe pain. Thank you.

I just hope that the walk this afternoon is not on bad ground because it will be very painful if it is. Thank you so much for spoiling my day’s plan.

You are so getting examined and X-rayed when I see Dr S at the end of the month. Seriously, I’m not putting up with this shit any more. Once a year is fine, but this makes six times in five weeks and I am now fed up.

No love,

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