Stuff and more stuff

Today has been a quiet day at home, catching up on stuff that I’ve recorded and doing lots of knitting. A new project has been cast on and I’ve got a bit more work done on the blanket. In fact, the blanket now has two completed rows plus some patches. It’s looking beautiful. Um, very little has been done of a practical nature. Oops. And I’ve not been in an emotional place to do any writing this week.

Da and I have been planning our training sessions for Snowdon and working out what new equipment we’ll need, at the moment concluding that we’ll need a new set of walking poles (because we only have two walking poles and we’ll need two each) and we may need to invest in a new rucksacks. Possibly. We need to drag out the old rucksacks and check what state they’re in.

Unfortunately Da has just been doing some checking and discovered a slight hitch with our plans. We’d decided that we would definitely walk up and then, if I was struggling, we’d take the train back down. After all, the aim is to get to the top of the mountain under my own power and we need to be sensible about my unreliable joints.

Except there is a chance that the train will not be running when we’ll be doing the climb. It’s closed while they refurb the cafe at the top and that work, which was supposed to finish in the Spring, is now scheduled to finish ‘in the Summer’. Um. Da is going to call and find out whether the work will be done by the weekend we’ve planned. If the train won’t be running when we do the climb then we’ve got a decision to make about the trip. Do we do it and run the risk that I’ll not be able to get back down safely, or do we play it safe and cancel the entire trip? I really, really, really want to do this for a whole bunch of complicated reasons, but I don’t want to need mountain rescue to get us because I’m too stubborn for my own good.

The train not running wasn’t something that I even thought about until Da checked this afternoon. Damn, this isn’t a decision that I wanted to have to make.

In other news, I am going to a concert tomorrow night so I need to leave work at 4pm, which is my official finish time. Sadly, I’ve seen what the numbers are so I know what my week is shaping up to be like. I just hope that Da Boss will be understanding and let me leave when I need to tomorrow no matter what the numbers are.

Wait, Da Boss and understanding in one sentence? I’m doomed!

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