Snowdown Training Walk 1: I have conquered the elements!

I am soaked, exhausted and very happy. It’s a bank holiday here so Da and I did our first real training walk for Snowdon. It is hideous weather today (rain, wind, yuck) but I thought it would be good practise seeing as we’re unlikely to guarantee perfect weather for our climb.

We walked across the farm and down into the valley through the woods. Then back up by different paths and across a different part of the farm to home. It’s the first time I’ve done a massive amount of hill walking. Mum usually just can’t manage that stuff so we didn’t take her, which was good because she would have hated the weather!

The rain did ease a bit as we went. Which is not to say that it stopped, merely went from torrential to just raining. It was a good test of whether my kagool will stand up to that kind of weather. Um, it looks like I need a new kagool! My boots and water-proof trousers were fine, though 🙂

We were planning a trip to our local outdoor supplier today, except it turns out that they aren’t open on bank holidays. So we’ll have to pick a weekend to go because we need some extra walking poles (a pair each would be much better than one each), new backpacks (with bits to attach the walking poles to when we need to scramble), possibly a kagool for me and a water-proof map holder.

Still, I feel very proud of what we did today and, although I’m tired, I’m not dead. Two months ago I wouldn’t even have attempted this kind of thing. Now I can. Getting fit and doing my physio religiously is paying off.

The good news is that the train up Snowdon isn’t going the whole way, but it is going three-quarters of the way. Da and I have decided that this is enough of a safety margin for me so the climb is on. I’ve booked us a suite in what looks like a great hotel and I’m getting quite excited about it all.

In other news, I had a fantastic visit with paranoidangel42 (my convention roomie) this weekend 🙂 It turns out that two fans can talk Doctor Who non-stop for two hours without noticing. We subjected my parents to Robot instead of Eurovision on Saturday night, which was great fun if only because we got to mock the effects which were a little bad in places. And very bad in other places. The toy tank that was suppose to be scary due to the wonders of perspective was particularly mock-worthy. There were some wonderful moments in it, though, with the Brigadier getting some great lines. It was Tom Baker’s first outing as the Doctor and he also had some fantastic stuff. So it was certainly yay-worthy.

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