Snowdon training walk 2: Everest?

I went on our second proper training walk for Snowdon. It was five miles long and a bit tougher than Monday’s, involving a few more climbs including the steepest climb in the area. As we live in one of the hillier areas of England, it takes a bit for us to be impressed by hills 🙂 I was really pleased that I made it up that climb without stopping and only needed a couple of minutes to catch my breath at the top. Maybe I’m not in peak physical condition, but I’m in better condition than I thought.

The great thing about a walk with climbs was the views. There was some absolutely amazing views across the landscape. It was a bit cloudy so I couldn’t see all the way to the horizon, but everything we could see was gorgeous. On the one hand, I wish that I had a small camera that was light enough to carry on these treks. On the other hand, at least I wasn’t stopping every two minutes to take photos!

Although I was tired by the time we got back to the car, it wasn’t total dropping on the floor exhaustion and just sitting in the car on the way home was enough to allow me to recover. I’m starting to feel more confident about what I can do. The one learning is that I need to eat a larger breakfast before going walking and take more snacks. I’m not used to getting particularly hungry. It’s easy to see why people in the old girls boarding school and adventure books I read eat so much. They’d need all that food just to keep going with all the walking and running and dancing they seem to do.

Before we started the walk, we took a trip to the local outdoor fitters and picked up some walking poles for me. Previously we’ve used one each of Da’s pair of poles, but as we are now getting more serious about this hiking thing we felt that it was time to outfit me properly. What I bought aren’t top of the range, but I really like them and I’m not sure that I would have made it up that big climb without them: it’s still muddy from the rain and there were a few times when I would have slid. As it was, the climb was easier when I was using my arms to help me a little. Whole body workout!

This afternoon has mostly been quiet. My sister is home for the weekend and has an absolutely horrendous cold. She’s feeling rather sorry for herself, so we watched films and then watched The Unicorn and the Wasp while I transferred it to DVD because my sister has been too busy lately to catch much TV. Only fifteen minutes until the wonder that is a Steven Moffat episode!

Tomorrow we’re off out for a meal to celebrate my sister’s birthday. I’m trying to promise myself that I’ll get the non-fiction cataloguing done today, except that I suspect I’ll just end up watching TV with my sister instead 🙂

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