Packing light – not!

Why is it that whenever I promise myself that I’m packing light, I still end up with a bag that weights more than I really want to carry? I’ve just taken my jeans and kimono out of the bag (hopefully I won’t need the extra jeans and can borrow something if I need an over-the-PJs clothing item) and I can’t find anything else to trim.

It’s the washbag that’s the heavy thing, I’ve concluded. No matter what you do, no matter how small the containers are that you decant things into, it still ends up brick-like. Then there’s my meds and inhalers, which I’d love to dump but then I’d definitely need them, and my camera…

Well, it’s packed and I’m not re-packing again. My lovely father has even offered to drive me to the station. Yay Da!

So I’ll be back on Sunday. Everyone be good and don’t blow up the Internet while I’m gone.

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