Home safely

Well, I’m home and I had a great time at historyterry‘s graduation and mini-fandom-get-together. It was wonderful to see him going up stage in his robes to get his degree and I am so proud of what he’s achieved 🙂

The get together portion of the weekend was also fabulous. I got to renew acquaintances with people I’ve known for a long time and get to know people better that I’ve not been able to spend time with before. There will be lots of photos and stories when I am slightly better organised and less panicked.

The return trip was great – my train ticket turned out to be first class even though it was the cheapest ticket on the train when I booked! – and I’m feeling good despite the comparative lack of sleep. This is a good thing because….

As I was unpacking and putting things away, it occurred to me how daft it is to put things away that will be getting taken out again tomorrow and put in other places. I did it anyway, but it really is silly!

Over the next thirty-six hours I am going to be frantically sorting the last of my stuff and taking apart bookcases because my shippers arrive bright and early on Tuesday to take my things away and start them on their voyage to Canada. Eeeeeek!

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