Is it over yet?

I have been working since 8.30AM with Mum to clear and pack my stuff. I am dusty, achy and really ready for it all to be over now. We’re taking a supper break before starting the final stretch, which is de-constructing my bookcases. With any luck that will be it when we’ve finished.

We have chocolate pudding in the fridge as our reward 🙂

When I say packing, the movers will be doing the packing for us (insurance purposes) but we’ve needed to put everything in crates and boxes to move it out of the bedroom and make sure that it can be found tomorrow. Plus all the books needed to come off the bookcases so they could be taken apart.

Why do I have so much stuff?

Still, it’s mostly done and I’m very impressed with how much work we’ve done. In order to free up space for books, my small sofa had to be transported downstairs. It all went great until we got the sofa to the bottom of the stairs and realised that I was trapped underneath it 🙂 We then spent five minutes giggling before Mum hauled it off me and we got it shifted to its overnight home in the dining room.

Now I feel the need for supper and then we’re doing the last stage of tonight’s work. The movers arrive tomorrow at 8.30AM so we’ll be up very early for final checks. I’ve spoken to the firm today and warned them that they may need to bring extra cartons. The good thing is that a couple of larger items – my archery equipment and an office chair – aren’t going so I’m cautiously hopeful that we may not be going over the originally agreed volume. I just hope that the movers are used to international shipments that mysteriously multiply between assessment and actual transport!

Photos have been taken of the various stages and they’ll be posted as soon as I have some time and have dug the card reader out of the boxes of things that aren’t going anywhere.

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