Bye-bye stuff

The packers arrived bright and early this morning – 15 minutes early, in fact! Thanks to all our hard work yesterday we were able to just point them at the stuff and let them have at it. Mum and I sat in the lounge knitting and chatting, only moving to make tea and confirm odd questions.

It was a much needed break after yesterday! There is still a bit of sorting out to do because we need to move a couple of bits into this room so that I have somewhere to put a bedside lamp and store the remaining clothes, but everything is looking very empty and echoey. Photos will follow as soon as I’ve found my card reader. It all looked very cool 🙂 And there were metres and metres of bubble-wrap! I was good and didn’t pop it all.

The plan for the day is lunch, then hit town to investigate the big new library and eat cake. We didn’t expect them to be so fast so we have half a day that we didn’t expect to have. Woo! Mum and I then plan the re-arrange the study downstairs to our liking now that the piano has gone and present Da with a fait accompli on the new arrangements *pokes tongue out at general direction of Father’s office*

My writing assignment arrived this morning and I was very pleased to discover that there are a number of prompts that I feel I can write. Woo! I will be writing a little note to my person later, when I have recovered from the general packing exhaustion.

Right now, I’m just feeling oddly relieved that it’s done. I waved good-bye to my stuff for two months and it was a little sad to see the van disappear into the distance, but also incredibly satisfying to know that this huge job that’s been looming over me for months is actually done. The packers were fantastic. I’ll let you know what happens at the other end, but right now I’d definitely recommend them for international moves.

I’ve been having a poke around my iPod and it occurred to me that I could load fic to read on it as well as fic to listen to. Does anyone have any experience with putting text files into an iPod? And can folders be created when doing so to enable better organisation of the stories? I could even download text file classics from the Guttenburg project if I wanted to!

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