Archery and state of me

I have been shooting two nights in a row. I went along on Wednesday because I knew there was a competition last night that I probably wouldn’t be able to get to. Shot 50 yards for only the second time and actually managed it this time, only missing 3 out of 48 arrows. The main difference, I think, is that I have wound my limbs up 1 pound sice the last time. That extra power got me to 50 comfortably.

While I was there, various club members worked on me about trying to make it to the Chairman’s Shoot last night. This is a competition within the club designed to give the novices some experience at competition shooting rules without the stress of a real tournament. I was promised that we would be shooting a Warwick (four dozen arrows) so it wouldn’t be a late night and I said that I’d try.

So yesterday I bought a sandwich in work coffee shop, high-tailed it out of the office as early as possible and stopped along the way to eat my sandwich to tide me over until supper. After all, it was only going to be a Warwick. I’d certainly be home before 9pm.


It was a National (6 dozen arrows) with lots of novices. Hence lots of lost arrows and scoring problems. Don’t get me wrong, it really was fun and I’m proud of my score on a Short National. But it was loooong. I finally trundled home at 10pm. The last two ends were shot in lighting conditions best described as poor. I had to eat something when I got home so I had some beans on toast (light, yet slightly filling) but on reflection it was a bad idea to eat and to stay up to let it settle.

This morning, my IBS was playing up so much that I had to take my anti-spasmodics to get out of the door. Bleh. Feeling much better now that the medication has kicked in, but incredibly tired. And I have a packed weekend ahead.

The good thing is that I’m going out for lunch with some girls from work so there was no need to construct lunch before I left. I’d never have made it otherwise. I have a plan to fall into bed the moment I get home tonight.

Next time, I need to remember that nothing is ever ‘quick’ in archery so I really shouldn’t attempt to do any kind of post-work competition!

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